It’s Getting Hot in Here… (Tag Post)

Taking on Shoujo's open invitation, but I'm also going to leave this open for anyone else to take up. The rules (Source: Shoujo's post) Mention the name of the blog you were tagged by, as well as the creators of this game, Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts, and include the picture above.List five of your greatest... Continue Reading →

25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Day 21 and Extra Day 1

  Day 21 - Anime Male with Orange Hair I actually don't have that many boys with orange hair, come to think of it. I only had the one choice which I was set on - Chuuya from Bungou Stray Dogs - but after thinking over all the Touken Ranbu boys, it turns out I... Continue Reading →

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