This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 12: Is This a Pigeo-I Mean, Classic?

(Oh, memes. Never change.) This episode's theme: How Does This Compare to the Classics? (core, see here for all themes and takes on the episode)I think this'll be a good way to wrap up.Okay, so what's a "classic"?"Classic" implies tradition. Tradition is something that has to go back a long way, in this case to the beginnings... Continue Reading →


Space Battleship Tiramisu: Sakamoto in Space with Extra Food Jokes

Someone put the spring titles out earlier than expected on the free side of Crunchyroll, so I’m going to take advantage of that by talking about Space Battleship Tiramisu. Space Battleship Tiramisu seems like it should be easy to gauge – from the name alone, you’re already expecting “food x space drama”. However, this seven-minute... Continue Reading →

Happiness is Just a Narrative Away

This is a reply to something, but it’s probably late… Two things I like in my anime are comedy and action, so it makes sense that I also like the genres of comedy and action. (If you’re wondering why this answer is different from Why I Love Magical Girl Anime, it’s because Pop Culture Literary’s... Continue Reading →

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