How Much Do Explosions Contribute to Enjoyment Factor?

We can't all be Megumin (from Konosuba) now, can we...? Just as a preface, this post was inspired by Scott's Concrete Revolutio post. He mentioned he liked stuff exploding, but he had to have a baseline of "passable" characterisation first. I've noticed in several anime I've watched recently explosions seem to feature in things, especially... Continue Reading →

“Let’s Go All the Way to the Budokan Together”

I’m trying out a slightly different type of post format by taking a question and answering it with facts (this one is, quite obviously, centred around the question, “What’s up with the Budokan in anime, anyway?”), so bear with me if this doesn’t seem to be as good as usual… The title quote comes from... Continue Reading →

Even So, Sinners Dance Aimlessly…

When I watched Dances with the Dragons (henceforth Saredo), I kept making comparisons to Concrete Revolutio... Dances with the Dragons (Saredo Ryuu wa Tsumibito to Odoru) is an odd duck. It’s got something political going on under all those plot points, a pink-haired male protagonist and a motley crew that people can’t really keep track... Continue Reading →

Happiness is Just a Narrative Away

This is a reply to something, but it’s probably late… Two things I like in my anime are comedy and action, so it makes sense that I also like the genres of comedy and action. (If you’re wondering why this answer is different from Why I Love Magical Girl Anime, it’s because Pop Culture Literary’s... Continue Reading →

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