Sending Off Spring 2018

There was way too much good stuff this season, so putting down some final thoughts for each will be pretty hard... Boueibu is still missing an episode due to its delay, plus Nobunaga no Shinobi and Boku no Hero Academia are continuing, but otherwise these should cover the entirety of the show. If not specified,... Continue Reading →

25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Days 15/16

Arthifis and Mel extended their challenge, so Lina and I are extending our challenge as well. That means 10 more boys that what we previously had - look forward to the related posts! Day 15 - Anime Male with Red Hair I don't think I had too many choices in this hair colour pool (especially... Continue Reading →

Spellbooks and Horoscopes

It's still the start of a new anime season, so it's the perfect time for a collaboration... MC14: I’ve already explained why I like the magical girl genre in another post so it would be inevitable to team up with a fellow aniblogger to do a collaboration someday. That’s why I’ve teamed up with AstralGemini... Continue Reading →

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