10 Best OPs of 2018

As requested by Karandi. The title pretty much explains itself, so let's count these OPs down. You might remember a few of these from the previous post I made on anime music. 10. Rocket Beat - Kiyono Yasuno (Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen) I had to get off the bandwagon for the Cardcaptor Sakura sequel because I'm... Continue Reading →

When Camping, Show, Don’t Tell

I ran into some problems with Dame x Prince Anime Caravan, so I had to switch to Idolish7 for my lineup. It was a complete disappointment too, because I had my latest episode of Dame x Pri ready to go, only to run out of time in a day and then find it locked up... Continue Reading →


For this, I'm nicking a question from the Aniblogger Coalition and then running with it. I am an expert in neither of the genres in question (heck, I haven't even watched Hibike!), but if I can conjure about 1000 words based on one question, I must have something to say on this… Agenda: What are... Continue Reading →

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