A Magical 2019 Pt. I (4th Day of Anime 2019)

This is the yearly rankings post. Just to make it faster for myself, I've left the month that I finished at the end of each entry of these non-simulcast commentary lists. Top (?) 10 Worst Dropped Anime According to My AniList Rating Due to the fact an anime needs a rating to be eligible in... Continue Reading →

The Good, the Bad and the (Visually) Ugly (ft. Dimension High School)

People prize visuals so much that sometimes they just don't remember the other side of the scale exists. https://twitter.com/MagicConan14/status/1113944352194084865 When the winter season started, people dismissed this show as "bad", but truth be told...I happen to (somewhat?) like this stuff. *points proudly at the 79 I gave to gd men, which was the show I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

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