Pledging Devotion in Fate/ and Its Spinoffs [Mar. ’20 OWLS Blog Tour]

“The path of devotion is a great labour. Do not ever mar it.” – Gilgamesh to Waver, Fate/Zero Hiya again. If you’re not familiar with this blog, this is the Animanga Spellbook, this is Aria (pseudonym) and you’ve probably been brought here by OWLS, the Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect. This month’s OWLS prompt... Continue Reading →

Fate/Stay Winter: Fanservice…Fanservice Everywhere…

Synopsis Detective Waver 5 - 8: After setting the stage by wrapping up the fairy case from episode 4 and having a girls' day out between Gray, Luvia and Reines...the main Rail Zeppelin case begins! Impressions I feel like Adashino is meant to be an Irene Adler-type figure…Update: Or she could be a rival, Moriarty-style.... Continue Reading →

Fate/Stay Winter: Falling Behind

Lemme explain... I knew Fate/Stay Winter was going to really punish me and I did want to do it for the challenge, but it's all falling apart at the moment. See, there's this one thing I've been sent on so that I can deal with my less-than-fortunate state (I think I'll spare you the details,... Continue Reading →

Fate/Stay Winter: All Fall Down

You might not recognise it, but the title refers to this song (song starts at about 1:06). Synopsis Fate/Zero 21 - 24: One by one, they begin to fall...Berserker is revealed to have a proper face and Kiritsugu uses his Command Seals to tell Saber to destroy the Grail. Impressions Warning for a whole bunch... Continue Reading →

Fate/Stay Winter: All the Pretty Screenshots

Synopsis It's getting time-consuming to write a synopsis for each episode, considering I fell behind pretty quickly (it is premiere season, after all), so I guess it's one big synopsis this time. Fate/Zero eps. 13 - 16: Essentially, all the Servants (bar Assassin) square off against Caster's huge monster and Saber and Lancer finally get... Continue Reading →

Fate/Stay Winter: Battle Royale

Synopsis Fate/Zero eps 5 - 8: Ep 5: Berserker enters the fray! Ep 6: Nobody gives a s*** about Caster. That's why they aim to kill him off in the next episode. Ep 7: What was said earlier, plus Rider's motivations are revealed: pants. Ep 8: Tentacle monsters explode! Impressions Number of Times Waver Velvet... Continue Reading →

Announcing Fate/Stay Winter!

...I admit I didn't plan this through at first... What is Fate/Stay Winter? I missed planning out something and then seeing it through, so I arbitrarily decided to clean out my paused list by tackling one of the priority lists I made, hence this. It sounds like no biggie...except when you realise some series have... Continue Reading →

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