Ode to Anime Studios – Kyoto Animation

…for once, this post series can actually be relevant to current discussions…although that has its own set of inherent risks… Kyoto Animation, known as “KyoAni” for short, is known for distinctive visuals, its fair work practices and, within the anime community, it has some degree of infamy for its fans…which is why I’ve been so... Continue Reading →

Sweet Mystery [Hyouka Review, for Reverse Thieves Secret Santa 2018] (2nd Day of Anime 2018)

I've been working hard on this post for a good two months, so you better appreciate this! I-It's not like I write reviews for every show and everyone, baka... Synopsis: Houtarou Oreki is a boy who’d rather live life at his own pace, while Eru Chitanda is a girl who’s constantly curious about everything (“Ki... Continue Reading →

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