Fall 2020 First Impressions: A Return to Form

If everything goes to plan, here's what I'll watch, in the rough order I'll get to it (give or take Crunchyroll's early-season promotions of giving one episode free): HigurashiHypMic 100-manTonikawaMunou na Nana Grace of the Gods Maou-jou IWGP Crusade (there was half an episode dropped in advance, so I have impressions for that too)Akudama Jujutsu... Continue Reading →

Hyping Up Fall 2020

I revealed some of my picks already, so it's time to make a full list! Now that the subscription means I don't have to wait a week on some anime, I'm making my list now (so then I can focus on finishing both my AWC monthly and simulcasts...from spring and summer...in time for the new... Continue Reading →

10 Anime I’m Excited for in 2020

Essentially my take on this list. Meta note: This was written on the 16th of June 2020 as a way to build up content in advance (with some subsequent editing as changes arise), so with the changing situation, some of these season listings may already be out of date. They shouldn't be too much later... Continue Reading →

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