Unpopular Opinions Time (Tag Post)

Thanks to Mari for the tag. Disclaimer: The title warned you what this is about already, so if you don't want internet arguments, it's best you head to a different post. Also, there are vague spoilers in the love triangle bit (and large spoilers in the alternate answer) - but if I told you what... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Kado

Beware the scorned anime watcher… Meta context: This is originally from May 2018, which is why this post doesn’t address Beyond Information. I do prefer that over some of the plot points discussed in this post, but I do believe the movie came far too late for it to be effective on the long-term impressions... Continue Reading →

A Magical 2017 pt. I (yearly rankings)

It's the end of the year...and since this is the first year of doing end-of-year rankings on the Spellbook, I'm doing things a bit differently this time. ...Scratch that. It's very different, and thus a lot longer than usual. It's so long, in fact, I'm posting part II (Spellbook Awards) in 24 hours' time.  I... Continue Reading →

Kado vs ACCA

[Meta context: First published on July 6th 2017, this post...has its context explained in the header. It is edited slightly for consistency. You can find it on Tumblr here.] WordPress is the one place that’s been getting me off my lazy butt in writing these longer articles, and after bringing this up with Scott from Mechanical Anime... Continue Reading →

Kado’s Many Types of Appeal

[Meta context: First published on June 24th 2017, this post delves into the positives of Seikaisuru Kado, which was at the time being shunned for a particularly bad plot twist. The post is edited slightly for consistency. You can find the post on Tumblr here.] (This was an article I’d typed a few weeks ago, but... Continue Reading →

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