8 Manga Recs to Resist the Romantic Anime Drought

Inspired by Karandi's lamentation of pure romance series in anime. My recommendation to Karandi in the comments section of the linked post was to read some manga. Not all of these are pure romance, but I'm currently in a bit of a writing slump due to being stuck somewhere between my KyoAni anime for OWLS... Continue Reading →

Winter 2019 First Impressions Pt 3: Letdowns All Around

Aside from the letdowns in the title of this post, some shows moved positions, so make sure to at least pay attention to the rankings! The 1st post has Shield Hero, Egao no Daika, Boogiepop and Morose Mononokean. The 2nd post is the 4th episode of Saintia Sho, Mob Psycho, Rinshi! Ekoda-chan, My Roommate is a Cat and Meiji Tokyo Renka. This... Continue Reading →

The Cover Art’s Half the Fun!

After Cactus Matt brought out a favourite manga cover art list, I ended up thinking over all the fun things you can do with cover art and ended up with this list. It’s interesting to see what manga artists can do with their cover art to keep readers coming back…A lot of these are just... Continue Reading →

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