Rating All the #AniTwitWatches Anime

An idea started by Cameron (Iniksbane). I’ve been around for every #ATW which was possible for me and which I hadn’t watched already. A lot of my memories of these anime are vague because...let's face it, I watched some of this stuff up to 6 or 7 years ago. Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Gridman are... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 23 – 24

Previous eps. Eps 1 - 3Eps 4 - 6Eps 7 - 8Eps 9 - 10Eps 11 - 12Eps 13 - 15Eps 16 - 18Eps 19 - 20Eps 21 - 22 Episodic Impressions Episode 23 茜 (akane) actually means “madder”, literally translating, but considering it’s bright red…it’s not that far-fetched to call it “scarlet”, either (although... Continue Reading →

Elfen Lied is a Hot Mess

Just another series I got into way too late...and boy, do I have some words for this one. Elfen Lied is schlocky. No doubt about that. It's the sort of gratuitous blood splatter you watch on Halloween, late at night, if you're not afraid of invisible (badly-done CGI) hands. ...but why are the Diclonius all... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 9 – 10

Previous episodes Eps. 1 - 3Eps. 4 - 6Eps 7 - 8 Impressions Episode 9 Berceuse = a lullaby or something similar. Had to Google that.It’s interesting they render the fox cry as “auu!”…hmm? *raises eyebrows at where this is going* Also…is it just me, or does young Yuichi treat the parting with the fox... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 7 – 8

Previous posts Episodes 1 - 3Episodes 4 - 6 Impressions Episode 7 Wah…I haven’t seen that Funimation logo in a while…(probably because I skip it a lot…?)I listened to the dub for a bit and Makoto’s English VA sounded lower thn her Japanese VA. It was interesting to compare.Apparently “fuga” = fugue, which is a... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10 – Kanon 4 – 6

  Previous post in this round here. Impressions Kanon 4 These random narration scenes are meant to be ethereal, but…if it’s just narration over snowy scenes, it can get boring after a while.Why does small!Yuichi remind me of…Syaoran from CCS…?Did Ayu become addicted to taiyaki like this…? (LOL, wut.)If Kanon got done over again, like... Continue Reading →

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