Unpopular Opinions Time (Tag Post)

Thanks to Mari for the tag. Disclaimer: The title warned you what this is about already, so if you don't want internet arguments, it's best you head to a different post. Also, there are vague spoilers in the love triangle bit (and large spoilers in the alternate answer) - but if I told you what... Continue Reading →

Ne0;lation: What Does It Mean to be a “Jump Hero”?

Ne0;lation is a manga which is basically Death Note with hackers (well, "cracker" is the right term, but...you don't want to confuse a manga character with something else). However, in saying that, I think Death Note’s legacy opened up a conundrum – what is the quintessential Jump hero? Back when Death Note was around, people... Continue Reading →

Kuroko no Basuke Won Me Over

…not that you needed to know that because I already mentioned it in the Megane Day post in October, but for someone like me who isn’t into basketball, that means a lot. In my early days of being a blogger, I had prejudices against certain kinds of works I perceived to be “too popular”. Some... Continue Reading →

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