…Did Somebody Say “Husbandos”?

Due to popular demand - by which I mean "only Nabe" - here's another husbando post. (If you don't remember, I already did a series of husbando posts while doing that one collab with Lina, Arthifis and Mel, plus the thing you could call a "waifu post".) https://twitter.com/MagicConan14/status/1322831107251933184 Obviously, mine is the top one. Nabe... Continue Reading →

The Multiple Strands of Competition in Prince of Stride: Alternative

After axing pieces about Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine and Dances with the Dragons, here’s the post I decided to put up for Megane Day 2018. Prince of Stride: Alternative (henceforth POSA) is pretty much the only sports anime I felt I would ever like…before I started reading the Kuroko no Basuke manga on the 30th of... Continue Reading →

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