A Magical 2020

Like 2019, I'll leave a number at the end of the name of the work to indicate which month I finished each entry in. However, this time I put // to indicate which ones are tied and which are not (i.e. anything grouped together with a "(tie)" should have the same score). Normally I would... Continue Reading →

A Practical Guide to Cosplay

I'm no cosplay nut, but certain anime have made me rethink my potential for such an art... Since I miss Irina already (she is around, but in a reduced capacity), let's have a discussion about cosplay costumes...outside of Halloween season, because why not. I used to think cosplay was basically impossible, since I can't sew... Continue Reading →

Fate/Stay Winter: Filling In the Gaps

Synopsis Detective Waver 9 - 12: All aboard the Rail Zeppelin as Waver - I mean, Lord El-Melloi II - gets to the bottom of cases that occurred 7 years ago as well as the death of Trisha. That's after he deals with Hephaestion (?) and the Mystic Eye auction first. Impressions So if there’s... Continue Reading →

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