Weekly Manga Reads (…and Then Some)

Essentially my version of Scott's post here. Sometimes I forget I'm a manga blogger amidst all the anime, but I do read quite a bit of it. I just like to turn my brain off to it a lot and since it's easy to burn through, you see me update my list a lot but... Continue Reading →

Watch Out for Kaiju No. 8! (An Exercise in Translation)

One good thing about watching manga go live ASAP is how you can examine the translation process up close. Disclaimer: There is no such thing as a "truly correct translation". There is only a "more correct translation" or a "less correct translation", taking into account things like puns, references and the like. Viz is sure... Continue Reading →

Getting into (Heart) Gear

Is this the Next Big Thing??? Maybe I just exaggerate my feelings when I'm in the middle of consuming a piece of media (anime/manga included, and especially when potential husbandos are involved), but Heart Gear - this new Manga Plus series I found - is really cool. Basically, Heart Gear stars Lu, the only human in... Continue Reading →

Manga Plus…What?

Trawling archives, as you may already know, is one of those things I like to do...so when Shueisha (publishing company for Shonen Jump and a bunch of other magazines) opened up Manga Plus, I knew I was in for some serious reading. Manga Plus has generally been a positive experience in regards to usage, but... Continue Reading →

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