Knowing the Nuance is Critical (A Fugou Keiji Post)

Fugou Keiji is pretty straightforward - rich guy meets poor guy (in relation to him), rich guy works with poor guy, rich guy ruins poor guy's life...okay, I'm kidding about that last bit... ...but what's not so straightforward is the nuance hidden in Japanese, which often doesn't get conveyed even if the translation is what... Continue Reading →

A Connoisseur’s Guide to Anime Cheese

(...Yes, I'm going out on an extreme limb here and dedicating an entire post to weird cheese metaphors. Sue me.) I mention the word "cheesy" regarding some summer 2020 anime (hence the summer 2020 anime comparisons throughout this post), but to be honest, I have several meanings when it comes to that word. Note the... Continue Reading →

Spring 2020 First Ep. Impressions: Delays, Delays, Delays…

No Guns Life has been postponed because COVID-19...this list is currently in progress and subject to change for the same reason. Welp, it's times like this which are why I have the priority list.The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?KakushigotoListenersBakarinaBungou to AlchemistWave, Listen to Me!Sing Yesterday for MeArteFruits Basket s2Princess ConnectMillionaire DetectiveAppare RanmanKitsutsuki Tantei Dokoro...and... Continue Reading →

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