The Light Novels are Where It’s At for No Game, No Life

Last time on this NGNL saga, I wasn't particularly impressed by it...but I guess you could say that I found a kindred spirit through looking at the structure of the novels and their translation. How It All Began After picking up novels 1 - 4 from a branch of the library I don't normally visit,... Continue Reading →

No Game, No Life and the Isekai Boom (TBR/W post)

When watching No Game, No Life for the first time a few years from when it was first airing (i.e. in 2018), it becomes pretty apparent that it’s from the isekai boom era, if not being a progenitor to it. It's been a bit of a while since the last TBR/W tag post, huh? Anyways,... Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened to the TBR/W Tag?

I keep forgetting to talk about what happens after I've done the initial TBR/W post... While I was setting up the roundup post for June, I realised I hadn't actually done anything for the TBR/W tag in a while. At first, I was just going to let my next post for it be a surprise,... Continue Reading →

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