A Magical 2018 (yearly rankings)

I've put in 2017's details into the post so don't worry about keeping this post open in another tab. Top 10 (or 11...?) Worst Dropped Anime 2018 As According to their Rating on My AniList Akkun to KanojoIslandMarchen MadchenHarukana ReceiveAs Miss Beelzebub Likes.A Place Farther than the Universe (tie)Dances with the Dragons (tie)Nil Admirari no Tenbin (tie) (may... Continue Reading →

1st Blogiversary Week Day 1 – Headscratching Search Terms

One of my favourite things about celebratory posts with search terms in them is just how spontaneous they are. Occasionally, you'll see a post on people's WordPress search terms and, much like spam posts, they're an absolute delight to read every time. So to kick things off for the anniversary week, here's some search terms... Continue Reading →

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