Human Lost: Cyberpunk Crossing the Divides

Much like I took a song and wrote a sci-fi out of it, Human Lost does the same to Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human... ...that means it has vignettes including some of the iconic scenes of the novel, but since it's a sci-fi, it's also gotta stitch those vignettes together, for better or for worse.... Continue Reading →

That Backlog’s Just Getting Bigger…(TBR/W Tag)

The painful truth is right there in the title! Since Irina offered the TBR/W tag to anyone who wanted it, I took it. Unfortunately, that left me with the conundrum of which name to pick - choose "Aria" and make it too short, or hack the number off "MagicConan14" and make it too long? For the... Continue Reading →

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