The Curious Case of Otomate

Otomate is, like you would expect from a company with "otome" in the title, oriented to make stuff for women...but that's obviously not the end of the story. Okay, slightly ranty post incoming. Once upon a time, I started this anime called Hiiro no Kakera while it was streaming in my region...and never finished it.... Continue Reading →

The Case of the Bland Otome Heroine

Why are otome game heroines such blank slates? Meta note: This post is originally one I wrote in 2018 and set aside for a time where I needed more posts (I have stuff to work on and HypMic ARB to grind all at once). I wasn't particularly happy with it when I finished it, hence... Continue Reading →

Must-read Monthly Monday (Jun. 2019 ed.)

  If it's not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 20th of May 2019 to the 24th of June 2019. Navigation: Other People's Reads | Spellbook Offerings|Coming up next... Other People's Reads It wouldn't be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people's archives on a regular basis, these... Continue Reading →

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