10 Things That Bring Me Joy

Inspired by this post by Rose and this post by Crimson. 1) Planning I like to plan little outings every so often when I need something and then just go on them once the day comes - mostly involving hunting for specific things at the shops and/or library trips. However, I don't plan everything to... Continue Reading →

Language Learning Goals for 2023

Typically, I'm quite good at maintaining set goals, as you could see with the resolutions in 2018, which I finished 3 months early. Meanwhile, I kept saying in 2022 I was hoping to get 100 days of anime watched, but I only hit that last week! So much for being an anime fan on main...... Continue Reading →

The Eximius Blog Award

I don't think I've seen this award before Terrance Crow tagged me... Meta note: I started this post, mostly finished it...and then left it for a while to finish other stuff, including putting out a 1st impressions post on Paripi Koumei which makes this post seem out-of-sync in retrospect. (Source: Crow's post, linked above) Rules... Continue Reading →

Burn that Backlog!

Inspired by this Mashable article. As consumers, we all have a problem. It's one I've addressed in the past from a few angles more than once. However, in a media-saturated world, how can you cull that backlog? Note: Since I know the reason people accumulate backlogs of unconsumed content is because they have a lot... Continue Reading →

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