Sending Off Summer 2022

Thanks to holding off on Hataraku Maou-sama!! and eventually Hoshi no Samidare, because of how big the backlog got (the AniList Watching Challenge people started a thing called the Hero's War which kinda stressed me out due to its time-sensitive nature), I only have these two anime from the summer. Tokyo Mew Mew New Pretty... Continue Reading →

Summer 2022 First Impressions: Phantom of the Idol

This anime kicks off the summer 2022 season, so check over there for some more notes on this series. Look, HiDive - if you're going to advertise me your newest anime on your front page, at least link to it properly somewhere? I mean, I had to figure out what the link slug for Phantom... Continue Reading →

Hyping Up Summer 2022

Here we go again! To be honest, there's a bit to be nervous about...first of all, real life caught up to me, so I'm a few episodes behind with Spy x Family. Secondly, I'm going to cut myself off from Funimation come early October, so summer is my last (legal) chance to watch stuff that... Continue Reading →

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