Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka Asks Some of the Big Questions…, "why don't magical girls ever have to work out to fight bad guys?" Hoo boy, I can't believe I haven't talked about the seasonal anime outside the first impressions yet! Mostly because there are times you want to get lost in shows - like, say, Morose Mononokean, which has a particular atmosphere to it... Continue Reading →

Eden of the East: This is Obviously Political (5th Day of Anime 2018)

Basically, the only thing separating this from other shows of its ilk is the fact it shows dissatisfaction for the Heisei era. With the Showa era predicted to reach its end in 2019 when the current emperor abdicates his throne, it feels somewhat odd to watch Eden of the East, with its ideas encapsulating how... Continue Reading →

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