Summer 2020 First Impressions: It’s All a Bit Muddled

Between all these virtual cons at unreasonable hours (but reasonable US hours), a few new shows which exist on the periphery coming into the fray and delayed simulcasts showing up again...wouldn't you say it's all a bit muddled too? Page jumps are geting harder to wrangle as the editor continues to evolve, so I'm skipping... Continue Reading →

Just Because An Anime’s For Kids Doesn’t Mean You Have to Dismiss It…

The world is an unfair place when a new show comes up in the simulcasting schedule and it turns out it's for kids (younger than the shonen and shoujo demographics - i.e. the kodomomuke¬†genre). That's pretty much a surefire way to ensure a show is niche when it comes to the English-speaking anime community.... Continue Reading →

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