A Magical 2019 Pt. I (4th Day of Anime 2019)

This is the yearly rankings post. Just to make it faster for myself, I've left the month that I finished at the end of each entry of these non-simulcast commentary lists. Top (?) 10 Worst Dropped Anime According to My AniList Rating Due to the fact an anime needs a rating to be eligible in... Continue Reading →

Winter 2019 First Impressions Pt 2: The Old, The New…and the Plain Cute

The title categories (old/new/cute) can overlap, by the way. The last post has Shield Hero, Egao no Daika, Boogiepop and Morose Mononokean. Next up is the 4th (somehow) episode of Saintia Sho, Mob Psycho, Rinshi! Ekoda-chan, My Roommate is a Cat and Meiji Tokyo Renka. The 3rd post is Promised Neverland, Grimms Notes, Spec Ops Asuka and Kaguya-sama. Once done, I can then... Continue Reading →

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