Golden Kamuy’s Attitude Towards Food (12th Day of Anime 2018)

One of the most unexpected elements from Golden Kamuy is probably its dedication to cooking, at first glance… Food means a lot in Golden Kamuy. It’s used as gags, it’s got cultural significance, meat can be used as a metaphor for other themes, such as death and masculinity, while taste is just one of those... Continue Reading →

Digging into the Mystery of Mysterious Characters

The "mysterious, incomprehensible woman" character type in anime is normally relegated to...well, a woman. So, I was thinking - is this type really as restrictive as we think it is? Can I trace it back to something? The return of Golden Kamuy (henceforth GK) brings the return of Inkarmat, the woman who uses her fox jaw... Continue Reading →

Golden Kamuy vs. Angolmois: Culture Clash

Golden Kamuy and Angolmois are two historical series which so far have aired back-to-back (and the former will bookend the latter once the fall season is over), so it would be quite the obvious compare and contrast topic… There seemed to be something connecting Angolmois and Golden Kamuy together, aside from the fact they’re both... Continue Reading →

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