Do “Seasonal Gems” Even Exist?

Inspired by Prattle. Meta context: You can tell this post has been sitting in my drafts for a while because it mentions Seasonal Prattle, a blog I thought had gone inactive at one point due to some of the backlog posts disappearing when I wanted to read them. According to the date in the scheduler,... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Anime Watchers With David Attenborough

[Read this post in a David Attenborough voice.] The seasonal anime watcher does a migration four times a year to snatch the best prey – whether it be slice of life shows, action thrillers or promotion (*looks at AKB0048 and Sanrio Boys suspiciously*) , they want it all. Whether they take on every show in... Continue Reading →

How to Make the Hype List

There's already a a post on the methods I use for narrowing down a seasonal lineup, but Kimchi's post inspired me to write about the ways I look for a seasonal lineup. Just for reference, I'll only be referring to the predictions list I had for summer 2018 when listing examples for this post. Step... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Reputation

The 3rd episode of the Innominate Anime Podcast got me thinking: why do we give certain seasons of anime titles like “season of the year” or just plain “bad”? People have been complaining about the winter 2018 season being “lopsided” or “biased” towards slice of life or cute girls doing cute things, and thus dismissing... Continue Reading →

Another Approach to Seasonal Anime Watching

Why “another”? Because Scott was first. I’m hoping to get my seasonal first impressions post out either tomorrow or the day after. However, since I never actually mentioned what my seasonal system was, that leaves just enough time to explain it right now... Before the season begins, I’ll load my PTW up and shop around... Continue Reading →

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