Manga March 2022 (3): Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

...I swear my approach to each manga changes as I continue to write posts in this series, haha... At first I was trying to be impartial between the physical and digital manga in my collection, but having mentioned this manga in the conclusion of my previous post, it makes sense for the narrative to flow... Continue Reading →

Are People’s Tastes in Media Crap?

Inspired by a years-old post which still holds relevance to this very day. (It also contains a mild spoiler for Hypnosis Mic not addressed by Rhyme Anima.) Does liking evil things mean you condone them? This is a moral quandary which I still have to sit with, as an admin of a Hypnosis Mic server... Continue Reading →

Put a Tune to It (Tag Post)

So, it's time to show off my taste in music (which has shown up in awards and tag posts before, but not as much as it has in this particular capacity). Depending on your own tastes, you might like all or none of them...your call. I decided to pick up Chris Joynson's (Never Argue with... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – Studio Deen

Yep, it’s time to praise another studio which often gets dissed by others (following Pierrot). If you don’t understand what I mean from before the “Read More”, Studio Deen, once upon a time, got dissed a bunch because of what is termed “QUALITY”. If Reddit is anything to go by, big offenders are 2000s Deen... Continue Reading →

Great Gals From the Anime World

This is somewhat inspired by Lita Kino's post. I've given more than enough lip service to my many, many husbandos, but great female characters are a rarity in comparison. So let's discuss a few I think are "great" and compare/contrast the reasoning... Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon Let's start with my favourite female character. Much... Continue Reading →

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