Spellbooks and Horoscopes: Mahou Shoujo Ore Ep 3

As Mahou Shoujo Ore keeps going, even though it still has the same old humour, it's starting to fall apart at the seams in some aspects. Last time, Astral and Aria tried to attack a monster, only to let it flee in the end. However, the enemies are getting stronger, so they can’t afford to... Continue Reading →

Spellbooks and Horoscopes – Mahou Shoujo Ore Eps 1 & 2

Let's continue going into the strange world of magical girl parodies... Newly transformed into their magical warrior forms, our heroes are still getting to know their new powers. With not just one, but two foes looming on the horizon, how will our heroes defeat this threat? Aria: Mahou Shoujo Ore debuted early with two episodes... Continue Reading →

Spellbooks and Horoscopes

It's still the start of a new anime season, so it's the perfect time for a collaboration... MC14: I’ve already explained why I like the magical girl genre in another post so it would be inevitable to team up with a fellow aniblogger to do a collaboration someday. That’s why I’ve teamed up with AstralGemini... Continue Reading →

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