What Kirill Got Wrong and What He Got Right: Words from a Genetics Major

I mentioned in this round-up I know an Honours student who's a genetics major, so I figured I'd see what she says about Kirill's information in episode 10 of Double Decker!. Meta context: I wanted to have this post checked over once more before I put it out, but...a year passed and I still haven't... Continue Reading →

The Inevitable Politics of Anime About Police, Detectives and Everyday Heroes

This is partially inspired by Scott's piece on religion, money and politics and partially inspired by something Doug says at the end of the second episode of Double Decker. Writing about the world you're in or a fictional version of it is bound to mean you're making some meta commentary on the condition of said... Continue Reading →

25 Days Anime Male Challenge – Extra Days 2/3

What constitutes the difference between a "fighter" and a "hero", anyway? After thinking about it, "hero" probably means "superhero" more than anything (although you can interpret that to mean any protagonist you like), while "fighter" would probably mean a specific subset of shonen. Day 25 (Extra Day 2) - Fighter When you think "shonen fighter... Continue Reading →

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