Animage Jan. 2021 Interview: Wataru Komada (Translation)

I was gonna postpone this to the 3rd of March's weekly slot, but to celebrate the MTC/FP battle, I moved it up a bit. Part 1 here. Highlights: Jyuto going to the supermarketMTC in bathrobes, particularly Riou in a black bathrobe, sipping wine You can find the interview on Bookwalker if you pay to read/purchase... Continue Reading →

Animage Jan. 2021 Interview: Soma Saito (Translation)

Let's start this year off right... Highlights: the source of "Today is a good day to die"insight into Gentaro's roundabout nature This is something I was compelled to do after thinking my language skills were going to die out (they already suffered after my hiatus in 2019...). This also would show how far I've come... Continue Reading →

Google Translates My Favourite Manga

Inspired by this bookish post by Reader Voracious and the previous one by Fictionally Sam. Bloghopping can sometimes take you into territory you think you'd never get to...and that's why we're here. The aim of the game is to translate a synopsis into a non-English language and then back into English, and because manga was... Continue Reading →

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