Looking Back and Moving Forward, Part Two (Update Post)

Inspired by this comment. (If you're new around these parts, part 1 is here, but that's not related to this post except for them both being update posts that came out at similar times of the year.) So, if you didn't look at that first link for whatever reason, I haven't totally gone off the... Continue Reading →

Manga March 2022 (3): Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

...I swear my approach to each manga changes as I continue to write posts in this series, haha... At first I was trying to be impartial between the physical and digital manga in my collection, but having mentioned this manga in the conclusion of my previous post, it makes sense for the narrative to flow... Continue Reading →

Should Translator Visibility Matter?

There's this concept called "the visibility of the translator" in translation studies. Certainly, people like us anime and manga fans, who consume translations, would be more aware of this concept, right? The question is, after you take into account what I said above the cut, is why aren't we more aware of who's translating the... Continue Reading →

Life in an Anime Fandom

This was originally a response to Scott, but I ended up weaving my own post about a topic I wanted to write about anyway, so…here we are. From having bothered with a blog centred around a specific fandom (magicalgirlsandcerulean), the average time spent in a fandom is 2 years because the first year is when... Continue Reading →

Google Translates My Favourite Manga

Inspired by this bookish post by Reader Voracious and the previous one by Fictionally Sam. Bloghopping can sometimes take you into territory you think you'd never get to...and that's why we're here. The aim of the game is to translate a synopsis into a non-English language and then back into English, and because manga was... Continue Reading →

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