A Magical 2020

Like 2019, I'll leave a number at the end of the name of the work to indicate which month I finished each entry in. However, this time I put // to indicate which ones are tied and which are not (i.e. anything grouped together with a "(tie)" should have the same score). Normally I would... Continue Reading →

Adapting to Society with Wandering Son [May ’20 OWLS Blog Tour]

Don't we all adapt to society, if it doesn't adapt to us instead? Hello friendos. Back after a break from OWLS and I dunno if it made any difference, but I guess there’s no point mulling over it anymore. As usual, this is Aria (that's my pseudonym) and we - OWLS - promote acceptance of... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Round 5: Wandering Son 3

There's some sensitive stuff going on under the cut (especially at the end of the post!) - just be warned... Previous Eps 1 – 2 Impressions “She did wear a boy’s uniform on the first day of school.” The CGI’s a little obvious with this artstyle… I keep hearing soudan (consultation) when the girls are... Continue Reading →

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