Random Musings on Given’s First Episode

Is Given going to be like Orange, where you discover why the anime is called what it is at the end...? After reading a comment from Prattle that said he didn't find much coverage of Given and really liking the first episode (even if it is coming in at the lower end of my rankings -... Continue Reading →


Summer 2019 First Impressions: The Final Stretch

I don't think I have any snarky puns for the post title anymore.Previously, I watched Sacred Beasts, Astra, Maou-sama Retry! and UchiMusume. The post after that had Fire Force, Dr Stone, Granbelm and Ensemble Stars. I'll be skipping the recap of DanMachi (I saw s1 at the start of the Spellbook's existence!), so then it's Arifureta, Cop Craft, DanMachi,... Continue Reading →

Kimetsu no Yaiba collab – Episode 11: The Coward and the Kids

On this episode of the Demon Slayer collab, Ply’s back, Astral goes full shonen nut, Moya acts as the voice of reason…and I end up making a fool of myself.

(To be fair, I do admit why I don’t get the joke earlier in the post.)

The Zodiac Room

Why hello, my beautiful people! Welcome back to the world of Kimetsu no yaiba, where us bloggers are pathetically flailing at the keyboard to try and catch up to a show that’s threatening to leave us behind. I take no part in the blame for these circumstances…

I do, however, feel no shame in admitting that I’m enjoying this show far more than I perhaps should be. It’s just excellent shounen goodness all wrapped in a beautiful bundle of swords and nonsensical powers and it’s just lovely… but enough of my drooling. You came here for a collection of dorky thoughts and half-fleshed-out answers, so here you go.

Le me of bloo

Teh Aria de poorple

El Moya in rreddd

… who is dis porson again? gren

What are your general thoughts on this episode?[Mandatory]

Zenitsu was…way worse than I thought he’d be for the show’s humour and that sunk…

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The Main Appeals of Manga

I’ve been reading a lot of shoujo manga lately and it made me realise there’s one particular reason manga works so well. A good manga is one that you can devour volumes of quickly and then ask for more of, right? As I’ve been reading one volume of manga after another, I came to the... Continue Reading →

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