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You know when you just want to archive binge a blogger’s old content? This page is here to help! It’s got up to 20 of the newest posts in each of the listed tags/categories for easy access.



Light Novels


Seasonal Predictions

This category contains lists of seasonal shows which may get first impressions and first impression posts (done in a batch at the start of every season). They begin at the winter 2018 season.

Seasonal Wrap-up

This category contains final impressions for each season (done in a batch at the end of every season). They begin at the fall 2017 season.


Here in this semi-hidden section of the Spellbook lies the territory claimed by the unruly beasts known as “blog award posts, features and other nominations”. The only awards MagicConan14 wishes to double up on are the 5 Flaming Hotties tag (they have too many husbandos to count) and awards that require new posts, so any other award will thus be tackled once in post form, with any subsequent nominations linked below but answered in the comments.


Blogwarming Party

Round-up Posts

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