The Great(?) Light Novel Adaption Project: Pt II

Last time, we saw first episode impressions from a person who isn’t particularly impressed by light novel adaptions. This time, it’s the 3 episode mark.

A small reminder that the bingo cards that go with this series of posts are here. With that said, let’s continue…

Asterisk War

I’ve only slightly warmed up to this show from where we last left off. Not only did I win the bingo game, the mystery behind who’s attacking Julis is terribly easy to read into and it’s really obvious Ayato will get the Ser Veresta. Also, it commits these crimes after two more episodes: 1) Naruto running, 2) Ayato committing more breaking and entering, 3) Claudia being wayyyyyyyyy too willing to give up personal space (and her boobs) and 4) Julis being so tsundere, I can’t tell why people even call it cute, let alone want another season of this tsundere being tsundere.

There are some good things though: 1) Ayato becomes aware of how breaking and entering becomes second nature (he does it 4 times in 3 episodes!), 2) Ayato’s just as uncomfortable as I am about Claudia and 3) I actually understand Julis and Ayato better than I think I do due to early use of the backstory card.

The most important thing though? I thought I wouldn’t be able to tolerate 3 episodes of this, but I managed. No wonder people like the 3 episode rule so much…

I’m definitely dropping this show here though.


Now that I’m starting to get into the groove of this show, I kinda like Bell. Hestia’s still a tad annoying, but you can see why the two are so committed to each other. The mythology of these gods/goddesses is fun to look up, plus there’s been absolutely no movement on the bingo front, meaning it’s actually a lot more of a straight fantasy (or just not as clichéd) than I thought it was.

I’m not dropping this show yet, so…we’ll carry on…


There’s been little movement on the bingo front, and I only got a cross because of all the fanservicey shots from Haruhiro’s perspective…even though this is probably an isekai, it’s hard to verify due to the amnesia aspect and that’s holding me back from at least 2 or 3 more crosses. There are some possible ways the show can keep going, but I get the feeling this will finish with an open ending. The backstory card hasn’t been played in this one, but this show moves quite slowly (I could possibly call it a “realistic” pace, but that might be a bit strange considering this is a fantasy we’re talking about).

Haruhiro’s hard to get behind but easy to get into the mindset of, if you get what I mean, so I feel quite detached from the world and what’s happening in this show as a whole. Manato seems the most developed, by the way.

I’m not sure if I should drop this or not, so I’ll have to keep going.

Next time, it’s the endpoint for the remaining series.

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