Balancing Blogging with Daily Life

Scott’s comment on this 100 Word Anime post made me want to put my own take on things into words.

Sometimes I write a post from scratch into the WordPress editor and sometimes I’ll have a pre-existing idea ready to go, but I like to have 3 paragraphs’ worth of ideas to elaborate on (hence my usual structure of intro -> idea-> idea -> idea -> conclusion, or occasionally that with subheadings). Otherwise, they’ll end up like this post – all over the place, stream-of-consciousness style.

It’s not much of a secret that I’ll write reaction-by-reaction notes to shows, but only the simulcasts. Occasionally, this will warrant something – for instance, I do make reference to my notes a lot when doing seasonal impressions (such as when I outright quote them) – but sometimes it’s only reactions. Or I might not even get any notes from an episode at all. I am currently trying to switch things up by writing notes on rewatches (as of writing this post, this is the only post I’ve gotten from trying that) and with Fate/Zero.

I’m not the type who can write entire posts on the bus – I tried writing an outline for a post on the bus once and it was riddled with typoes (and generally I don’t type with too many typoes, as you should know if you’ve been reading my writing for a while). That’s why I have to actually encourage myself to sit down and write when I can. The time in which I have to do so fluctuates throughout the year and this year’s been really intense in regards to how much I write, which really doesn’t help matters…and considering I can only write good content when the muse strikes, that’s even worse. (Like right now – I’ve kind of run out of most of my good backlog posts as I type this.)

Generally, I do my best blogging work in the evenings/nights (from around 6 pm to about 1 am – I know, I’ve been sleeping far too late recently). I’ll read posts on the go, but I try not to answer comments or read them until I’m in a place with stable internet. Normally I’d write a review while consuming the work I’m dealing with or straight after I finished it, but…I haven’t written a review since the Hyouka one in December last year, so I guess saying that doesn’t have much validity anymore…

Lately I’ve been cutting it fine and writing my posts up willy-nilly the day before or the day before that, but I balance that out with hitting upon the occasional great idea for a seasonal post and then scheduling those posts months in advance. I make time for blogging just whenever I can in my schedule – that’s if I haven’t got anything scheduled already – so during times when I discover The Amazing Race is on…there goes a half-hour of potential blogging time in my week. I don’t think I can concentrate on properly writing a blog post during the ad breaks anyway, so it’s to my benefit anyway.

Sidebar: I’ll wrap this post up with this tweet I wrote up in reply to Scott one time:

So, for the fellow bloggers out there, how do you balance your schedule with the rest of your life? Are you succeeding in doing so?

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