#Controversed Week 1

Let’s get this post sorted out before I forget to do it entirely.

This is part of Moya’s workshop. Seeing as I got one of my posts tagged as an example of “controversies you can approach”, it seems rather natural that I would feel some level of obligation to join (although there is no actual obligation for anyone to join).

This week I was busy enough to kick this post to the end of the week, but as my schedule empties out for the year, it’ll probably get closer to having a more timely turnaround time between Moya’s weekly announcement and my response…I guess you can look forward (?) to that.

What is a controversy in the (anime/manga/other) community that bothers you, and why?

I get the feeling that if I wanted to discuss a controversy, I have probably done it already or will one day make a post on it eventually, but discussions of triggering and/or ecchi/sexual things like discussions of rape and fanservice (the kind aimed at guys), which I don’t have the hugest knowledge of to argue a proper point on, tend to bother me for that very reason. I don’t think about them too long though or write posts on them, due to the same reason.

What do you think of controversies? Do you consider yourself or your blog controversial to any degree?

I think there are more than enough controversies out there, especially when it comes to the humanities, which seems to have someone arguing every possible thing on the spectrum of thought. However, it is precisely for this reason that I think controversies are something to be noted and read up on, but also taken in stride where one deems it appropriate to not engage. For some arguments, you just will not care enough and that’s where you should learn to draw a line.

Admitting you are a fan of certain things means admitting you are knowledgeable, in some way, shape or form, in certain controversies, even if you don’t (yet) know about some of the controversies you’re going to get exposed to – for instance, say you admit you are a newbie fan of anime, enough to have only watched dubs but never experienced subs (which is perfectly fine). You might be expected, from other fans who’ve been around longer than you have (but who are uninformed of your position as a newbie fan of anime), to have a coherent stance on the subs vs. dubs debate…and that’s where conflict of opinion, for the most part, steps in. Lack of information, lack of communication and/or misunderstanding.

I tend to argue things that are controversial because they are clearly biased, political to some degree and/or opinion-driven, but since they only apply to certain niches, I either get completely wrecked by a commenter or get the echo chamber (…getting no responses at all can count as “echo chamber” too, in a sense). Sometimes, both happen on the same post, even.

For more on controversies, you can check Moya’s post or the hashtag #controversed. You can also join Jon’s Discord (details on Moya’s post).

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  1. That point about being a fan and having some kind of knowledge was something I haven’t thought about. I did wonder about that when I interacted with fans of a certain Disney franchise to see if they knew about all the controversial baggage associated with a certain movie series such as plagiarism, cultural appropriation, racist undertones for certain characters, and other things. The ones who did respond weren’t aware of some of those things. Not going to lie, I wanted to shame that fandom, but I couldn’t just troll them even if I was dropping uncomfortable truths.

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