Ode to Anime Studios – Doga Kobo

Welp, we’re getting to the more questionable and obscure studios at this point…

…I think most of the studios after this one are really controversial studios (Gonzo, A-1), studios I didn’t really know how to tackle (JC Staff, Brain’s Base) or fairly new studios which only get their attention from the sakuga community (Orange, Colorido).

So, Doga Kobo. They were formed on July 11th, 1973 (!!!!) (Anime News Network n.d.) by Hideo Furusawa and Megumi Ishiguro, who were previously part of Toei Animation (Doga Kobo n.d., Doga Kobo n.d.) and are located in the Nerima ward of Tokyo (Doga Kobo n.d.). Their name in Japanese means “video factory”, which makes sense, given how many works they’re credited for on the various databases…well, it makes more sense than some of the other studio names. (Ufotable, anyone?)

Doga Kobo even have their own special project called “Breetschlag”…just typing that makes me feel silly, but this is the same person who has learnt not to break a sweat over saying “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE!” in public, so I’m being a real hypocrite here. Breetschlag has its own VR project and collaborations with Clip Studio Paint, Unity-chan (which hails from the group responsible for the anime/game-making software Unity, of course), Megami (a manga magazine) and Pixiv (Komatsu 2015).

Despite their rather questionable reputation as of late making shows about characters that would probably cause a riot at a parents’ gathering (see: those two shows about older ladies being really into younger kids, Senko-san), they do have a reputation as a premier studio for slice of life shows, particularly ones about girls doing everything and nothing and romance. Most of the time, if you have a cute girls doing cute things show on your hands, you hand it over to them (hence the older-woman-pursues-young-girls shows being handed to them), although like any studio that needs to stay afloat, they also have some very weird outliers on that front, such as Devils and Realist (which is still on my plan to watch list, now that I think of it…).

Due to my very specific tastes, I’d call Touken Ranbu Hanamaru my favourite from them, especially given the second season which aired early last year. However, in the spirit of cute girls doing cute things, I’ll highlight my old post from New Game! (despite the fact that sounds like a paradox). New Game! was a surprisingly motivational show and it’s more legal for waifu material (for those who are concerned about such things) than those older-woman-pursues-little-girls-shows-which-I-will-not-name. Thus, even though my own reception to the work was lukewarm at best (obviously, if you’re a fan of CGDCT, you’ll get a lot more out of it), that’s miles more brownie points than I can give a whole bunch of other things out there…see? Gotta stay positive when there’s an elephant in the room…

So whaddaya think? Am I acting way too wary of Those Two Series simply because of Anglophone standards? On a more comfortable note, what’s your favourite Doga Kobo show?


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