#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 10

I will insert a note of caution for scary stuff from this point forward…

I’m just going to use this episode 9 image to hide the punchline below. Interestingly, you can see Doga Kobo (動画工房) in the credits above… which is all the more shocking, considering their reputation is made up of little girl shows right now.

Previous Eps

Episode 10

  • “…obstiantly denies what has happened still believing that their still going out.” – The Crunchyroll synopsis has at least two spelling errors.
  • Instead of squid rings, maybe Otome has “hair loopies” (see also: Katara from Avatar).
  • It’s a bit late for a Christmas episode…
  • Dude (Makoto), just break it off already with Katsura!
  • “I’m fine,” Katsura says as she’s clearly not fine. *cue “This is Fine” meme using Katsura’s face*
  • Katsura’s family has a yacht?! Geesh! How rich is this kiddo??? She’s no Kanako Watanabe (link for other people’s reference…except maybe Scott’s), so why is she mentioning a yacht out of the blue…?
  • I feel like Setsuna’s involvement is just digging Katsura’s relationship grave even more…not that Katsura herself realises this…
  • The close-up on the knives reminds me of Stars Align’s ending…*gulp* So is it Katsura who’s the yandere…? (tentatively asking)
  • Ooh, notice Setsuna’s get-up. You ever heard of the LBD (little black dress)? It’s said it’s a must for a woman’s wardrobe…welp, I have no idea how I remembered this random info just by seeing Setsuna’s outfit (since I’m no fashionista myself), but hers looks like a variation on an LBD. (Note in case you were asking: Although I like imagining magical girl stories in my head and thus you think I’d know something about fashion, I know basically nothing.)
  • Nanami has a boyfriend? Did she ever…?
  • Um, was it just me, or was Setsuna wearing a blue scarf on the train as she and Sekai passed by each other…?
  • Uh-oh, s***’s getting’ dangerous right now! I bet Katsura’s got some knives or something…
  • Today’s ED is called “The Reason for Tears” (Namida no Riyuu) (maybe it’s meant to be “[my] tears”, representing the various girls Makoto’s toyed with? Or maybe it’s “[our collective] tears”, because either way, we all lose when the yandere is revealed…will any girl ever win when a yandere is in play? *shrugs shoulders* Only thos who’ve finished the show will know.) and the song picks up just as the title appears on the screen…hmm. Very powerful.
  • Notice Setsuna’s peace-sign shot (see above for ep. 9’s version) is what the ED lingers on the most this time.
  • Oops, I left the episode running…and that revealed there was a post-credits scene. Keep watching…
  • The name Setsuna means “a moment” or “a second”, so I wonder if this was meant to represent how her love was…fleeting and unrequited. (Compare and contrast with Sekai = world, Kotonoha = word and Otome = maiden. By the way, had to google it, but a katsura is a type of tree, Saionji = “west garden Shinto temple” (Buddhist temple) and Katou is a fairly generic surname, with the tou meaning wisteria and the ka meaning increase (although it has other meanings too, but “increase” is probably one of the ones that stands alone the best in my opinion), but the two characters have to be used separately for that to be the case. By the way, when I google “Katou” I instantly get image results of Megumi Katou from Saekano but the first result from a Katou from Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge – who I don’t remember if I’ve ever encountered them – and googling “Saionji” reveals the name is heavily linked with a Japanese prime minister – which the Wikipedia page will tell you is intentional – but the results and images heavily feature a Hiyoko Saionji from Danganronpa.)
  • Update: Oh heck, why not make that meme I described earlier…? *laughs while crafting the meme below from the Know Your Meme template and a random Katsura PNG from Google* Behold…my terrible meme-editing skills!

Some huge twists happened this time! What do you think about them? (I happened to read a few spoilers while checking some of the names for the last dotpoint – including who the yandere is, although that’s fairly plain from the events of this episode – so the blow won’t be too hard on me, but maybe you should hold back in the comments section just in case there are other people, whether from #AniTwitWatches or otherwise, who haven’t been exposed to the ending.)

School Days can be watched on Crunchyroll.

9 thoughts on “#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 10

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  1. Ug, I know! CR always has these weird errors in their descriptions. Anyway, you are a lady after my own heart with memes XD If you wouldn’t have made that picture, I certainly would have. Some great comments in here and I’m looking forward to finishing this one out with you guys 🙂 Hope you’ve been enjoying the ride!

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  2. So earlier in the show, they said that Katsura’s family vacations in Europe every summer and they have access to horses. Neither one is particularly inexpensive.

    The yacht thing was new though.

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