#AniTwitWatches Rd. 12: Shin Sekai Yori 1 – 2

If you've seen one of these posts around, you know the drill already. See this post by Jon for more details. Episode 1 I’ve watched an ep. of SSY (the 1st) before, but I’m going to rewatch it because I was distracted during the screening.First impressions: Reminds me of KagePro.The papers are called shide.Akizuki is... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 23 – 24

Previous eps. Eps 1 - 3Eps 4 - 6Eps 7 - 8Eps 9 - 10Eps 11 - 12Eps 13 - 15Eps 16 - 18Eps 19 - 20Eps 21 - 22 Episodic Impressions Episode 23 茜 (akane) actually means “madder”, literally translating, but considering it’s bright red…it’s not that far-fetched to call it “scarlet”, either (although... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 9 – 10

Previous episodes Eps. 1 - 3Eps. 4 - 6Eps 7 - 8 Impressions Episode 9 Berceuse = a lullaby or something similar. Had to Google that.It’s interesting they render the fox cry as “auu!”…hmm? *raises eyebrows at where this is going* Also…is it just me, or does young Yuichi treat the parting with the fox... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 7 – 8

Previous posts Episodes 1 - 3Episodes 4 - 6 Impressions Episode 7 Wah…I haven’t seen that Funimation logo in a while…(probably because I skip it a lot…?)I listened to the dub for a bit and Makoto’s English VA sounded lower thn her Japanese VA. It was interesting to compare.Apparently “fuga” = fugue, which is a... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10 – Kanon 4 – 6

  Previous post in this round here. Impressions Kanon 4 These random narration scenes are meant to be ethereal, but…if it’s just narration over snowy scenes, it can get boring after a while.Why does small!Yuichi remind me of…Syaoran from CCS…?Did Ayu become addicted to taiyaki like this…? (LOL, wut.)If Kanon got done over again, like... Continue Reading →

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