Demon Slayer Corps Collab Ep. 3: Unstoppable Tanjiro Meets an Immovable Boulder

We're catching fast as 4 people on one collab can go, at least. Ply thinks I'm going too fast, in fact, but I guess what happens behind the scenes stays behind the scenes. Colour coding of the text: "Red violet": Le me (Aria/MagicConan14) Maroon: Moya [link to blog] Blue: The ever-late-to-the-collab AstralGemini [link to... Continue Reading →


This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 12: Is This a Pigeo-I Mean, Classic?

(Oh, memes. Never change.) This episode's theme: How Does This Compare to the Classics? (core, see here for all themes and takes on the episode)I think this'll be a good way to wrap up.Okay, so what's a "classic"?"Classic" implies tradition. Tradition is something that has to go back a long way, in this case to the beginnings... Continue Reading →

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