Fate/Stay Winter: Going Through the Motions


Prisma Illya 4 – 7: Illya and Miyu struggle to work together as they figure out where their strengths lie as magical girls.


My notes have become really insubstantial because I watched most of it (7 episodes of 10) in one shot, not to mention while all the other series were available via my legal streaming service (which is awesome on PC and so I prefer it hugely over Crunchyroll for this project), Prisma Illya is available via Crunchyroll (which is really slow on PC, so I have to watch it on my phone instead…and that’s not conducive to taking notes). Then again, I can jump back to this better streaming service for season 2 pt 2, so I guess you can expect higher-quality notes then.

  • MST3K mantra!
  • Whose quote is that again…? “Don’t think, imagine”? Update: It turns out to not be anyone’s quote at all, if Google results are to be believed.
  • Uh-oh! Saber Alter! Update: Notably, she’s not actually referred to by that name in the episode itself, but I learnt about her after seeing a wallpaper with her in it.
  • Padding the episode already…?
  • The mist is a quality of a Berserker, right?
  • Geez, the angles piss me off…Update: Referring, of course, to fanservicey angles.
  • These sticks have brains???
  • Can you call it teamwork if they’re always complaining about each other?
  • More padding…
  • Illya’s UBW!
  • Geesh, that last-minute shot of Rin and Luvia popping out of the ground scared me for a bit…
  • *sigh* It’s the sick episode…
  • I recognise the vacuum cleaner. I have the same one at home. Update: The vacuum cleaner actually resembles the real one so much that I can tell you it’s a Dyson.
  • *sigh* Random fanservice of elementary school girls. This is what gives anime a bad name.
  • *Sapphire pulls out a USB port* – Ohhkay, is that stick fanservice, in a sense…? Because that’s awkward too.
  • Maids went out of fashion years ago…Update: This anime is from 2013, but I mean even further back than that…
  • “Lyrical Radical Genocide” – I think this Lyrical Radical thing is parodying Nanoha.
  • Based on the cloak, it’s [the opponent is] an Assassin.
  • “Listen, if you aren’t careful, you’ll die!” – Yep, because people die when they are killed. I almost missed that meme for a bit.

What Now?

One thing that bugs me, now that I’m actually gotten through some of this series, is that the brother/sister romance plotline was teased and then didn’t show up (and for some reason, I’ve noticed in all of these series with the incest plotline, the brother is always the older one of the two, for reasons I can’t explain). Based on my previous reactions, I obviously wouldn’t like it if that kind of plotline showed up, but don’t bring up false positives, either…well, there’s still a chance of it showing up in seasons 2 and 3, especially since I have no idea what the series will do past season 1 at this point. On the bright side, the stuff I wasn’t looking forward to was surprisingly not as pervasive as I thought it would be, either, which is a massive plus.

Hmm…I thought I would have done at least one Character Spotlight by now. I haven’t done any, despite the series’s heavy focus on character development. Since Waver appears in the next batch of episodes anyway, next time is as good as any to do that…




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