Write What You Want (Or, the Not-Very-Stringent Guide to Winning Followers)

You ever heard of the Butterfly Effect?

When I read Jane’s post on Artiswitch and noticed her hesitance in covering it for a so-called “lack of doing the work justice”, I go, “Stuff and nonsense! Write about what you want.”

For instance (and I promise this is relevant!), I could talk about the package I got on Christmas Eve in 2021 – two limited edition Hypnosis Mic manga volumes + CDs. If you’ve been around this blog since the pandemic hit, you already know how I would’ve known about them to purchase them in the first place – staying in the loop of the other HypMic manga and the franchise as a whole, plus hopping the language barrier – but if I asked you about Double Trouble, the Samatoki + Sasara duet on the CD I was listening to as I started this post? You wouldn’t know about it…or heck, you’re not likely to know “Samatoki” and “Sasara” are HypMic characters unless you too are a HypMic fan or read the ramblings of a HypMic fan (this post, which explains more about Samatoki, specifically springs to mind).

Sidebar: If it helps you connect the dots, Double Trouble and Murder at the House of Magic (Gentaro + Dice’s duet from FP & M+), plus the corresponding manga, are the very package that I talk about in the update post.

Double Trouble‘s a cool song, by the way. I didn’t think jazz and rock could blend together like that.

Lengthy derail aside, the moral of the story is “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – if you talk about something (even briefly, like I just did with that song), people at least know it exists. Even if you get some details wrong and send yourself into a panic about editing it, as I am occasionally wont to do, it’s rare you won’t have the edit, cancel and/or backspace buttons at your disposal to fix up your mistakes and you can always take back your words later. Even if people don’t know about the stuff you’re writing about, they can at least attempt to do research (in whatever language/s they’re well-versed in) that could point them into finding more about what you’re passionate about – you could easily open someone else’s eyes to their new favourite…stuff! Ain’t that what we bloggers are all about?

The reason I read Jane’s content is because occasionally, she’ll unearth something avant garde which she believes never got its time in the limelight. She writes in her own voice about her own experiences with the media in question, which is all I can really ask of a fellow blogger in order to make me smash that follow button or put my email in the subscribe box.

Sidebar: 1) If I add more qualifiers to what I ask from a blogger – like “make it seem as if you’re not just writing for money’s sake or hitting a quota” – I’ll start looking like a hypocrite, haha.

2) This is post number 667 on this blog…so post 666 was this one. So much about going back to “regularly scheduled programming”, haha… *sweats*

If you want to know, Double Trouble was released with the limited edition of the 1st volume of Hypnosis Mic manga Dawn of Divisions by Rui Karasuduki, which is another reason why it’s so niche.

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  1. I totally agree! Writing a blog is supposed to be fun, so just write what you want! Don’t worry about every post being perfect or changing the world of blogging. Just being yourself, having fun, and making connections, that’s all you really need to focus on. Blogging is a very slow stress activity!

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