Another Approach to Seasonal Anime Watching

Why “another”? Because Scott was first.

I’m hoping to get my seasonal first impressions post out either tomorrow or the day after. However, since I never actually mentioned what my seasonal system was, that leaves just enough time to explain it right now…

  1. Before the season begins, I’ll load my PTW up and shop around for good shows. I jump on some shows’ AniList entries as soon as they’re announced, plus of course make a hard pass for anything that makes me run for the hills/subsequent seasons of shows I’ve never watched.
  2. A few weeks before the season begins, I survey if there’s anything else worth taking on (but normally there isn’t – this year is an exception, because of some resolutions I made). Then I rank each show on my PTW from highest to lowest according to how much I want to watch it (this is my 1st predictions list).
  3. I sample everything I want to watch, episode by episode, and if I don’t like it enough to pass on it, then I pass on it (either hold or drop). I then make a separate ranking (this is the first impressions list) and after every episode, I shuffle the titles around until they are in the order I favour the shows (even if there are ties between how good I think the shows to be, I often have a stronger favouritism for one show or another that helps me separate them). HiDive has been sabotaging my watch style by keeping backlog for subscribers only, but I make do with what I can…
  4. When week 2 (week 3 for all you up-to-date people) of the season rolls around, I then start to restrict the leftover group – in most cases (but not all), I end up with the 5 strongest long form shows and 1 short form while the rest go on hold. This is done regardless of genre because often this will leave me with a nice balance of shows, but there are so many bishonen shows this season I might have to pass on a better show to get YuruCamp in. Dame x Pri may also have to make the cut simply because of the HiDive restriction.
  5. If I really can’t decide how to restrict the lineup by around episode 3, I look back at the ranking I made in step 2 and put shows on hold accordingly. (Note I do make an effort to look at older shows between seasons and one of the resolutions I made was to look at some older shows.)

Note I’ve been watching simulcasts since fall 2014, so I have a firm grip on what makes a good simulcast according to my feelings and intuition. However, in past years I got by on 2 simulcasts per year, so the paradigm has definitely changed as I’ve become more open to different genres.

Aside from big-ticket shows like Violet Evergarden being unable to be eligible for consideration due to my miserly nature, some shows with a lot of favourable buzz like Mob Psycho 100 and the first season of Touken Ranbu Hanamaru have been passed on in favour of other shows – in the latter’s case, Yuri!!! on Ice was one show it competed against and I lost myself a bit too much in the YoI hype…

9 thoughts on “Another Approach to Seasonal Anime Watching

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  1. I only started watching seasonal anime last season, because I really wanted to interact more with my fellow bloggers. I now base my choices on what everyone seems to like the most (and yes that certainly differs between bloggers that’s for sure 😂). But I am really enjoying it a lot. Your approach for it seems very sensible ! Great post 😊

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    1. Unless you have a lot of time and you love everything equally (or you have a job related to watching every show in existence), you have to find some way to restrict your anime intake to shows you like or else you’ll get burnout. Be careful!

      Thanks for the reply.

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