…Did Somebody Say “Husbandos”?

Due to popular demand – by which I mean “only Nabe” – here’s another husbando post. (If you don’t remember, I already did a series of husbando posts while doing that one collab with Lina, Arthifis and Mel, plus the thing you could call a “waifu post“.)

Obviously, mine is the top one.

Nabe wanted me to jump on Scott’s bandwagon, but initially I refused because of that post I linked above…but when you have a blank weekly spot and no content, what are you gonna do but fulfil the request?

So, from top to bottom and left to right:

En Yufuin (Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!)

En’s not a “falls asleep in the bath” sort of lazy like his successor Kyoutarou, but he gives enough of a care to bother with things that disturb his idea of peace – which is still extremely relatable (exhibit A: his character song, which is far more catchy than a song about wanting to laze around all day has any right to be). The facts he’s 1) the Battle Lover with water powers, something I already liked from Sailor Mercury, 2) got a really nice voice and 3) easy on the eyes as well only adds metaphorical cherries on top.

(Upon retrospect, I picked a bad choice for my one and only husbando, mostly because he’d be a pain to live with unless you like taking care of people – I’m a pretty hands-off person when it comes to others.)

Jakurai Jinguji (Hypnosis Mic)

The newest addition out of these 4, Jakurai is in some ways an open book and in others, closed off. He’s multitalented in his job as a doctor – a distinction that must be made to avoid clashing with Hifumi’s ability to master any hobby – and goes the full distance for anyone in his care, including the other members of Matenrou and little kids. (Cue the – as of this post – recent Halloween event, where he dresses up as a priest so he can snag a kid some exclusive anime merch…at least that’s better than Ichiro’s Kirito knock-off outfit.) Despite this, he does have a sort of selfishness, because he’s generally only seen associating with those he finds interesting, including said members of Matenrou…It was to the point where I was surprised he interacted with Riou in an ARB event.

The fact he’s almost 2 metres tall (to be precise, he’s 195 cm, or a bit over 6 foot), 35 (significantly older than En and Kuga’s 17 – 18) and has hair almost as long as that doesn’t stop him from being able to kick your butt into next week, although typically he wouldn’t hurt you because (and I quote Gentaro on this) “[he’s] so saintly he wouldn’t hurt a fly”. Apparently he’s the most balanced of his division and the ability to heal others only makes him a thorn in an enemy’s side. Also, there’s this odd rumour that…he might have been an assassin at some point…?

Kyousuke Kuga (Prince of Stride: Alternative)

In some ways, Kuga is the archetypal guy for me – tall, lean, kinda mysterious and with long, white hair (are you starting to sense a trend here…?). A cool stoic older brother type who is nonetheless kind and gentle despite his sorta-scary look, Kuga is probably the most realistic of the guys I’m discussing in this post. His distinguishing feature is mainly that he hails from a sports series (even if that is a fictional sport), a true anomaly for someone who doesn’t really “do” sports.

Izuminokami Kanesada (Touken Ranbu)

Another battle boi on my list and the only truly supernatural one because he’s a tsukumogami. That also makes comparing ages hard, because aside from the aforementioned ages, if you try to calculate Kane-san’s age in the year 2020, since his sword form was created in 1867, he’s over 100 years old.

Kane-san is a bit arrogant – not as much as fellow husbando candidate Kashuu, but still more than the others on this post – but he definitely has the skills to back himself up. (I also like Juzumaru, who has similarly-long hair to Kane-san…again, are you sensing a trend here? LOL.) As a sword originally owned by a member of the Shinsengumi, he’s not free from angst, but he holds himself high regardless.

Also, if we’re here to make connections between these bois, both Jakurai and Kane-san are terrible at holding their liquor…

Writing about husbandos is always a unique exercise, as you have to balance your extreme love with being understandable.

So, is there anyone else joining the husbando post bandwagon?

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  1. I’m not gonna lie; totally going to join the husbando bandwagon since my creative juices suffered a major burn out this week lol.

    I’m not familiar with any of your choices, but they’re all really striking in their own ways!

    Liked by 1 person

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