A User By Any Other Name…

This seems like a strange dilemma to have…but I have it, so I’ll go ahead and explain it.

A great blogger is always associated with their content. I mean, when I mention some bloggers’ names, you’ll instantly think of their blogs and vice versa. But this is not a post to test that.

I’ve noticed that when people feature my posts, they don’t seem to know what to do with my name and credit with the blog name instead.

A bit of history…

The moniker “MagicConan14” has been something that’s been mine for longer than I’ve been blogging and in terms of internet “identity”, it’s one of the most complete ones I have. Now that my Detective Conan phase has been gone for a few years though (I don’t think anyone’s noticed except those I point it out to, but “MagicConan” is just Magic Kaito + Detective Conan), the name “MagicConan14” is more of a legacy name than anything. Admittedly, I signed up to WordPress with the name “MagicConan14” as a provisional name, but I always find a way to keep it. By sticking with it for so long, it’s become a bit of personal branding, so to speak.

“Aria Noyed” is another pseudonym I’ve been using in places where a first and last name is needed – it’s from altering the word “annoyed” until the word was no longer recognisable as a word, although why I specifically chose the word “annoyed” is a question for the ages…

What’s the problem?

Truth be told, I actually don’t like being called “Conan”, since that’s my namesake and not me. I obviously don’t answer to being called the “Animanga Spellbook” either – that’s the blog, not me. “Magic” is fine, although it seems only Irina has ever done that, and creating nicknames out of “MagicConan14” means you’re in for a terrible time. (“Mag-chan” and “Con-san” sound terrible, admit it. Plus “mag” and “con” do have other meanings when take out of context.)

This is why I provided the pseudonym “Aria” to the guys at the Aniblogger Coalition and I’ve been trying to push it as an alternative name if it helps people, but maybe I haven’t pushed it hard enough. I don’t think it’s ever really caught on except where I’ve expressly asked it to be used. Since I do intend to use the persona from the Spellbooks and Horoscopes collab for other things (although said “things” are half-formed ideas at the moment), I think I should pose the question to you all:

Should I fully commit to using the name “Aria” by changing my WordPress name?

I’ll still be “MagicConan14” or whatever I am everywhere else – it’s just that on WordPress in particular, people seem to like associating things with the same person.

I obviously have no problem associating with most of the different names I pick – heck, I’ll even answer to “Chesarka”, should you call me that here – but if I don’t ask, I’ll keep being credited under my blog’s name…and I don’t want that to keep happening.



10 thoughts on “A User By Any Other Name…

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  1. I’ll try to remember Aria and Chesarka sounds good too, so I might use that as well :p

    Maybe a solution to your name could be as simple as changing your wordpress name to “MagicConan14 (Aria)” that way both can remain and people will understand that Aria is the name that you wish to use.

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  2. I for one am glad you told me to call you Aria. πŸ™‚ Truth be told, I have a hard time seeing a name in something that has a number in it so for me magicconan14 never felt like a name and thus I never used it as a name. Therefore I was confused to what I was gonna use and I wrote you blogname (although in all that confusion I never meant to write that as your name but as your blog but that is a whole other story but it led to you telling me what to call you so in the end it had a very happy outcome which I am happy for).

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