Fate/Stay Winter: The Fans Gave Out Too Many Spoilers

I remember Fate/Zero of episode 1…for some reason…all I remember is Saber fighting someone in what appeared to be one of the Ufotable adaptions (since it kinda looked like Kimetsu no Yaiba in visuals), which doesn’t really help this watchalong at all.

Obviously, you shouldn’t wander into this looking for spoiler-free stuff. As I said, part of why I’m doing this is to put myself on the level of the fans while still being at noob-level status.


Fate/Zero eps. 1 – 4:

Ep 1: Scene setting, foreshadowing and character building abounds…what? You can’t have a story without those, can you?!

Ep 2: Ilya is cute. Waver Velvet gets shown up by Rider. A mansion gets attacked by a Servant and apparently this Servant…dies?

Ep 3: Irisviel and Saber make it to Japan. Turns out Saber is meant to be a man, but since Kiritsugu is AWOL preparing for the Grail War, Saber acts as the “man” to Irisveil.

Ep 4: It’s one long-a*s fight between Lancer and Saber.


  • Number of Times Waver Velvet Appears in These Episodes: 3 (each episode counts as one)
  • Like I said above the cut, I actually don’t remember F/Z ep 1 despite having purportedly watched it by having dropped by during an anime club marathon in Sep. 2018. While this was useful for the sake of writing the synopsis and overall comprehension, it did mean I had to use more time watching overall, since episode 1 is longer than a lot of the other eps. (Although while I’m typing this post, I’ve also demonstrated a few times an ability to comprehend things even when being dropped into the middle of the story, as I’ve done with Saiyuki Reload and Area no Kishi.)…Well, as it turns out, it was episode 4, not episode 1.
  • Is “Waver Velvet” literally his name? I swore it was a title, based on the fact he’s Lord El-Melloi II later on.
  • “Heaven’s Feel” is the name of one of the movies that came out in 2019, come to think of it…
  • Rin, Sakura and Ilya (the Eiznbern child) are so clearly going to be part of a future Grail War, since I know Ilya has her own spin-off and the other girls I listed are loved by the fandom…as far as I know. (Rin, in particular, is a textbook case of tsundere, while Sakura acts as the face of the Heaven’s Feel movie IIRC.) I do also know there’s this guy called Shiro who has the Emiya name and who has his own cooking spinoff, so I’m not sure if Ilya’s dad really is Kiritsugu…
  • For some reason, I have this fangirl reaction to Gilgamesh which consists of typing something along the lines of, “Ahhh! Great B*stard Archer is here!” He’s not even my type, so even I don’t understand it. Then again, a guy in golden armour and gold spiky hair is pretty recognisable, even to a non-fan.
  • What’s that counter on the titlecard…? (Time until the real start of the Grail War…?)
  • Somehow Saber procured a passport…for a person called Emily Watoson (sic). It’s probably forged, come to think of it.
  • These CGI cars burn my eyes, even though I’ve seen much worse in shows like Cop Craft.

What Do We Know?/Now What? (misc. predictions and notes on classes)

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started watching Fate/Zero during a marathon the anime club was doing, but it seems like I’m getting into some deep lore here. I had even less idea when the anime club manager started up the Waver OVA, given he never mentioned whether he was going from ep. 0 (which is the OVA, it’s just numbered funny) or the real ep. 1.

Well, at the stage I’m typing this, I got carried away and am now midway through ep. 6 (I have no restraint once I gain enough momentum for anything, really). That said, someone’s gotta win this Grail War and I’ll guess either Gilgamesh or Saber wins this one. I also predict Kariya’s in for a very bad time with those Crest Worms.

I don’t really know what the individual attributes are of each Servant Class, so maybe it would help if I jotted down some notes here… (Note I’ve learnt some of these things through checking the wiki or just being around Fate/ fans, so there might be something I shouldn’t know about mixed in or something that’s flat-out wrong…Information from ep. 5 or 6 is in white text.)

  • Saber: Real name Arturia Pendragon. Has a Riding skill (which threw me for a loop when it was pointed out for the first time, since there’s the Rider class). Master: Kiritsugu Emiya (acting master as of ep. 4: Irisviel). Supposedly the strongest of all Servants, although exactly why is not known.
  • Rider: Real name Alexander the Great. I presume he’d be good at Riding (?), given his chariot… He’d make a good Santa in an AU, LOL – but I say that because I’m typing this before Christmas. Master: The so-called Waver Velvet(…?).
  • Assassin: Dead as of ep 2. Real name unknown. Master: Kirei Kotomine.
  • Lancer: I remember reading something on Anime News Network ages ago (here’s the Fate/Zero version of it – but note it has spoilers for miles!). Real name unknown, although he seems to be Irish based on the name of his lance(s…?). Master: unknown. Seems to have some ability to curse people using his lance, although whether that’s a part of his class’s skills or just the guy’s skills is unknown.
  • Caster: Real name Bluebeard/Gilles de Rais. Master: Ryuunosuke Uryuu (there’s too many dragons in that name, LOL).
  • Archer: Real name Gilgamesh. The “Great B*stard”, if you will. Doesn’t seem to do any archery, despite his title. [highlight to continue reading] Noble Phantasm includes producing a bunch of weapons from behind him and impaling his target, the source of which can be rotated on a horizontal axis.
  • Berserker: The guy who looks like Goblin Slayer covered in smoke (he first appears in ep 5). Master: Kariya Matoh. His Noble Phantasm appears to be using whatever he can grab and using it against the other Servants.

So as the first instalment in the Fate/ project, this post was a test run for the posts to come. So, do you think the post title is true, or is it just my fault for thinking I’d never try to get into this series?

By the way, you might’ve noticed I miscalculated slightly on the announcement post but ended up at the right number anyway…It’s because I did the writing and the calculations separately, so the calculations don’t quite line up.

  • Fate/Zero is made up of 2 entries on AniList, comprising a 13 ep. series and a 12 ep. series.
  • Ilya is made of 4 separate seasons on AniList, with 3 x 10 episode and one 12 episode series.

…thus the math should actually go:

  • Fate/Zero s1 = 13 eps
  • Fate/Zero s2 = 12 eps = so F/Z total = 25 eps
  • UBW s1 = 13 eps
  • UBW s2 = 13 eps = so UBW total = 26 eps
  • Waver OVA + Waver series = so Waver series total 14 eps
  • Ilya s1 = 10 eps
  • Ilya s2 pt 1 = 10 eps
  • Ilya s2 pt 2 = 10 eps
  • Ilya s3 = 12 eps = so Ilya total 42 eps
  • …equals a grand total of 107 episodes, or about 27 days at a 4 episodes a post rate.

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