Appreciating the Fine Men from the Anime World (Quick Announcement!)

Arthifis and Mel are doing a collab for 13 weeks (give or take a few weeks) and invited people to do it with them. Well, this post obviously wouldn’t exist if I didn’t join…so look forward to the three of us gushing about anime dudes!

(There are 2 prompts that specify “yaoi”, which is going to be a debacle for someone who doesn’t really wander in the deep end of that topic, but I guess I’ll have to school myself in it and we’ll get there when we get there…)

Since I’m the soloer here, I’m not going to hold any polls and just tackle two prompts a week. Just to make extra certain I don’t post before them, these posts will be out on Saturdays in the afternoon (my time).

Just for my reference, here’s the prompts again:

Day – 01 First Anime Crush
Day – 02 Supporting Male Crush
Day – 03 Favorite Sport Anime Crush
Day – 04 Favorite Fantasy Anime Crush
Day – 05 Favorite Supernatural Anime Crush
Day – 06 Favorite Thriller/Psychological Anime Crush
Day – 07 Favorite Comedy Anime Crush
Day – 08 Favorite Yaoi Anime Crush
Day – 09 Favorite Male Wearing Glasses
Day – 10 Favorite Male Villain
Day – 11 Anime Male with Blond Hair
Day – 12 Anime Male with Black Hair
Day – 13 Anime Male with Brown Hair
Day – 14 Anime Male with Blue Hair
Day – 15 Anime Male with Red Hair
Day – 16 Anime Male with Purple Hair
Day – 17 Anime Male with Green Hair
Day – 18 Anime Male with Pink Hair
Day – 19 Anime Male with White Hair
Day – 20 Anime Male with Grey/Silver Hair
Day – 21 Anime Male with Orange Hair
Day – 22 Favorite Anime Swordsman
Day – 23 Favorite Gun-Wielding Anime Male
Day – 24 Favorite BL Pairing (canon or not)
Day – 25 Ultimate Anime Crush



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