Must-read Monthly Monday (Aug. 2019 ed.)


If it’s not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 22nd of July 2019 to the 26th of August 2019.

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Other People’s Reads

It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…

  • Asexuality in Manga and More by Karleen from Coherent Cats – I’ve never mentioned it (until now) but…I’ve been researching asexuality for the past year or so – not particularly in-depth, but enough to understand the lingo. I don’t associate myself with the label because it may be my ineptness with relationships speaking, but I “get” some of the descriptions people who identify as asexual give about themselves. Obviously, if reading this sort of thing makes you feel like I have a political agenda and I’m forcing it on to you, feel free to skip it. However, as I think about why I’ve been tempted to write about myself during Pride Month for 2 years straight (no pun intended) and aborted every attempt in pursuit of that, I think it’s important to share this stuff for people who it may affect.
  • Blue Flag – Volume 1 by Bobduh (Wrong Every Time) – I know I’ve said in the past paid writing and unpaid writing don’t match up, but this post introduced me to a series which is going on sale in 2020, so I figure I’ll get ahead of the competition before it comes!
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 17 Review by VideoGameP (A Piece of Anime, originally published on the Fandom Post) – Who knew Zenitsu was redeemable (and wasn’t reading the manga)? This review takes apart what made him annoying prior to the point being discussed, but also what made him redeemable in the episode in question.
  • Shelter (Space is the Place Blog Tour) by Lynn Sheridan (The Otaku Author) – It never ceases to amaze me as to what you can write a blog post about – I thought I’d pushed the limits of blogging by writing on a Jump Start (3 chapters) and an anime that wasn’t on databases at the time, but Lynn matches that with a post on Shelter. It’s also an excuse to promote the collective hard work of the Space is the Place participants.
  • Space is the Place Tour DLC – Behind the Design (1) by K (K at the Movies) – Space is cool. Blog tours are cool. Behind-the-scenes stuff is even better. K gets to merge these three topics into a two-post bonanza by talking about what thought process went into the design of the Space is the Place planets.
  • Rai’s Guide to Being an Environmentally-Friendly Anime Fan – I think this is the closest thing I’ve found that would match this post from a while back in regards to the cross-section of consumption practices and anime/manga.
  • Shinji is Broken. So is Gendo. by Fred (Au Naturel) – You sometimes hear about Shinji being psychologically broken, but nobody seems to think about Gendo in the same way…at least, not until I encountered this post.
  • Astra: Lost in Space Review by Al (Al’s Manga Blog) – Manga-only blogs are few and far between, as I’ve mentioned in the post about manga ARCs (which you can find below), so seeing another one – even if it does, deceptively, cover comics as well (plus the scoring seems somewhat high – it’s alright to be a bit harsh every now and again) – is always highly appreciated. They mention they started the manga for Astra based on the anime’s buzz, so I’d be happy to promote the blog and both media at the same time!
  • The Naming Conventions of Vinland Saga by Marth – This post came around when my anime club showed the show in question, so I know more about this show than a person in my position (i.e. non-Amazon-payer) should. I kind of knew about the “-son” suffix already – you learn these things as an inquisitive author-in-training – but the other stuff is really interesting, even if it doesn’t seem to have much bearing on the anime as a whole.
  • Review: Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3, a level-up. by Ethan_07 (Anime as a Cup of Tea) – I’ve encountered this particular blog and the blogger behind it around WordPress a bit (without interaction), but they’re not too active in posting which is a shame – their work has only been getting better the more they post.
  • How Smart is Mamoru in the Anime and Manga? by Tuxedo Unmasked – Welp, with my normal routine back in full swing, I almost forgot this round-up post was meant to go out! Luckily, my feature extends to any WordPress-based blog, domain be damned, and so here’s a blog I do an archive dig into whenever I see it in my inbox. (It just so happens it was Mamoru’s birthday sometime this past month.)
  • Rolling Review – Fruits Basket (2019) (05) by Scott (The Con Artists) – …and hey, here’s what happens when you make me do a round-up post at almost 1 am the day before it’s meant to go out – bad jokes aplenty (see the next post in this round-up for why I say that). The post itself is nothing too intensive, but in this case that’s a good thing for me and my fingers.
  • (Anno August) Daicon III and IV Opening Animations – Pure Fandom Spirit by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews) – …and now to amaze us again with what someone can write a post on, it’s a post about convention…openings? Fan videos? (Uh…something like that…) The comments on this post are fun to read, too.
  • What Sarazanmai Did Wrong…and Then Oh So Right by Amanda (Amanda Actually) – I am including this for the description of “blonde tan cop Rin Matsuoka” for Reo…No, I’m not lying.
  • Bloggin’ on Blogging: Why do we write all this stuff anyways? by Jenn (Anime Hell Zone) – Let’s end this set of recommendations on a heavier note. Jenn throws us this (admittedly existential) question for anibloggers and reading about it makes you want to think of your own answer, regardless of whether you used to own a blog, own a blog now or even are considering a blog.

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Spellbook Offerings

Kimetsu no Yaiba Collab (with Moya, AstralGemini and, sometimes, Ply)

We’re finally closing the gap between where we’re at and where the anime is at.

Other Stuff 

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Coming up next…

  • I have something special lined up for September 5th. There’s a hint for it above, but you’ll find out what it is on the day.
  • I think a whole bunch of stuff is going to come up in my schedule soon – I don’t know what this means for my blogging, considering I’m currently putting out whatever posts I can without relying on the last vestiges of my stored post backlog (which, admittedly, isn’t much in the first place since I’m not proud of any of it), but…just so you know.

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