#AniTwitWatches Round 7: Rolling Girls 1 – 2

Once again, Jon Spencer forces me out of my comfort zone.

If you want to join in the fun, see this post. Also see round 3, round 5 and round 6 for how I operate when it comes to these things.

Episode 1

  • The preview image shows a crocodile man…I thought it was Rak from Tower of God. Wrong colour, though.
  • That building with the W-shaped thing is Tokyo Big Sight, home to Comiket…at least until Comiket 98 was cancelled and made virtual due to the coronavirus (“Air Comiket”). Big Sight was booked out until fall 2021 due to the Olympics, but…obviously COVID’s no help there either.
  • “But some stuff happened…” – Wow, genius. Who said you could skip the important bits? I know they’re boring, but they’re important for a reason.
  • The colours in this are very nice. It’s reminding me of Concrete Revolutio in that sense and I liked it for that.
  • Tokorozawa is a place in Saitama, so I can assume Higashi Murayama is also a place.
  • Masks are fashionable these days…
  • The menu in the back says things like taiyaki, matcha dango and sakura dango.
  • I’d assume the grades are out of 5.
  • The eye style reminds me of Flip Flappers.
  • Various Google results say Mt Hachikoku is a real place too, although I dunno exactly where in Japan it is.
  • “Takumi” is one way to read the kanji for “artisan”, as I learnt recently. Or “carpenter”.
  • Tamako Line.
  • I didn’t expect a lot of sakuga in a show like this!
  • Kusunoki-dai.
  • I noticed Ma-chan calls the moonlight stone an omamori.
  • LOL, it’s a teapot! (Update: Refers to Ma-chan’s boss’s place.)
  • That humanoid thing in the middle of the poster is a haniwa.
  • This girl reminds me of Khun from Tower of God…why am I comparing these guys to characters in an anime I’ve never watched? Recency bias, I guess.
  • *sigh* Men are always easily persuaded if the lady is pretty enough for them. (Straight men, of course.)
  • Food fight!…well, not in the common sense of the word…or a shokugeki
  • That crocodile head is such a non-sequitur, amirite?
  • I keep forgetting Wit Studio has shows other than Shingeki no Kyojin and Hozuki no Reitetsu…haha…Kabaneri was theirs too, right? Update: Yep.

Episode 2

  • Oh, I was wondering what the NYCA stood for…but the N is Nozomi, so it’s the first letter of their first name.
  • Huh? For some reason, I’m familiar with the name “Kotomi Deai” which I noticed in the credits. Her most prominent role is as director on Natsume, but I haven’t really watched anything this director was involved in, unless she only had a small part in it like Ancient Magus’ Bride…must be my extensive reading of Anime News Network that made it like this, because I remember the season Rolling Girls came out was winter 2015, so by that point I would have integrated a daily search for Boueibu news (via ANN and the official Boueibu Japanese Twitter) into my life.
  • Those round birds are so cute!
  • Note in 2015 I wasn’t giving CGDCT shows (or what looks like a CGDCT) a chance like I did with YuruCamp in 2018, which is why this isn’t on my list already – normally I’ll gloss right past these types of shows because they’re mostly average at best…because I don’t think the girls are cute, y’know? Then again, this show is currently shaping up to be more of a superhero show mostly starring girls, so I’m more on board with it.
  • I think the guy in the front is doing a Buddhist chant, but don’t quote me on that.
  • Did you see that one Propellor whose soul was coming out and the person next to them had to stuff it back in? (LOL)
  • Gratuitous explosions! Yay! (LOL, way to capture an action fan – i.e. my – heart.)
  • LOL, the name of Crocodile Head is “Crocodile”.
  • It’s just sakuga setpiece after sakuga setpiece with this! Why?…I have no idea. (Having lots of sakuga where you don’t expect it is a good thing, though.)
  • What is the significance of the teapot? Is Tokorozawa known for them???…wait, Matcha Green. Teahouse. Teapots…*lightbulb audibly goes off in brain* So that’s what it means! (Update: D’oh!)
  • It might just be the Perfect Insider playing on the brain (recency bias, remember?), but…can I call an Electra complex for Nozomi and her dad? Or is that reading too much into things?
  • These motorcycle scenes remind me of YuruCamp. They make me wanna go and watch it again, in fact, even though my reception of that series was that level between “lukewarm” and “awesome!”.
  • Is hitchhiking in Japan illegal…?
  • Knowing the OP, gas mask girl probably joins the Tokorozawa crew later…
  • Why didn’t they have the disclaimer in the previous episode? Was that to keep people’s attention? *shrugs* Well, I dunno.

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